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Charta S.r.l. sole shareholder is a company specialising in ticketing and entrance controls. Founded in 1986, over the years it has become the reference point for box office management and advance sales of quality cultural and entertainment events.
The solutions offered allow combined sales via Internet, Call center and authorised sales points. The electronic box office system gives the Organiser the chance to add and alter events on the programme. It is also characterised as a flexible system with reports which allows easy analysis of performance, income and CRM.
The quality of products offered by Charta is guaranteed by internally-developed, reliable and secure technology, which permits the provision of flexible solutions.
Charta's addresses are:

Via S. Martino 1/a
48020 S. Agata sul Santerno (Ra) Italy
Tel. +39.0545.915000 Fax +39.0545.915008

Milan office:
Via Ettore Ponti, 55
20135 - Milano (MI)
Tel. +39.0545.915000 Fax +39.02.23369240

Call center vivaticket:
892.234 - from abroad please dial +39.041.2719035
The word Charta traditionally signified merit. And this merit passes to our company which has developed reliable and secure technology since 1986. It boasts years of experience and a consolidated position on the market; with over ten programmers it has at its disposal it is continually searching for new developments and considers internal expertise an important value. Despite Charta being a system which has expanded over many years, its staff are young, adaptable people who are technically qualified.
Charta looks for solutions and does not impose proposals on its clients.
Over the years Charta has shown a great ability to develop internally and continually update its proposals to solve all kinds of management problems.

Every client is important to us at every stage of the relationship, from the point of chosing a technical and marketing solution of the service to the real administration: the company guarantees the utmost assistance, availability and helpfulness to its partners at all times.

“Some say we are expensive, but in our opinion our product should first be tested, then judged. However we do not hide the fact that Charta wishes to maintain a highly professional service and a high standard of quality.”.
Important points in the company's history:
  • 2012 in November Charta presents a new graphic look of the website www.vivaticket.it
  • 2011 in April Charta joins the Group Best Union Company S.p.A , one of the major international company specialised in creating, supplying and promoting ticketing hard- and software systems to automated access control, and leader in the management and organisation of events.
  • 2010 Charta signs a multi-year contract with Venice Civic Museums.
  • 2009 Charta signs a multi-year contract with the Cenacolo Vinciano (Last Supper) and the Pinacoteca di Brera.
  • 2008 in April a new electronic box office system is produced to manage a SIAE (Association of Italian authors and publishers) exhibition.
  • 2005 in July 2005 the new Vivaticket brand is launched, linked to the www.vivaticket.it site, offering many new opportunities to partners and users.
  • 2004 Charta offers its products and services to 12 of the 13 Italian Lyric Foundations and to over 150 prestigious cultural associations; the company manages over 10 million tickets through its systems using over 1,000 licenses in Italy; the company leaves the Intesa Group via a management buy-out.
  • 2003 Charta receives a pass certificate as an electronic box office system from the Income Agency and is included in the list of systems approved by the Income Agency and the Italian Authors' and Publishers' Association.
  • 2002 Charta takes its experience to the exhibitions and museums sphere, for temporary and permanent events.
  • 2001 the company joins the IntesaBci Group.
  • 2001 the Automatic Ticket Teller is introduced, an automatic ticket issuing system combined with the Charta booking solutions and is used immediately at the 2001 Motorshow and at the 2002 San Marino Formula 1 Grand Prix.
  • 1998 Charta starts offering its online ticketing services to the organisers of musical, sports, theatre, cultural and entertainment events.
  • 1991 Leoni Daniele Ltd is created for the manufacturing development of computerized systems of the Charta electronic box office.
  • 1986 the company, specializing in Software, is founded by Daniele Leoni and Massimo Montanari.
The Charta system obtained approval of its suitability from the Income Agency to run Italian Authors' and Publishers' Association events:
“Charta Electronic Box Office 2.1” – 2004/207711/S of 02/12/2004
“Charta Electronic Box Office Local Module 2.1” – 2004/207711/S del 02/12/2004
“Charta Electronic Box Office Local Module 2.2” – 2005/185251/S of 07/11/2005
The Charta system makes the theatre autonomous in managing suscriptions and tickets, offering::
  • starting up of events or the theatre season on the local system
  • setting up of advance sale and automatic management of quotas to assign to the various channels (internet, call center, sales points)
  • sales functions (sales, booking, seat reservations,...)
  • ticket sales or any kind of subscription management (fixed or free, cross subscriptions in different venues)
  • advance sale and statistics control in real time with online access
  • performance of tax and administrative requirements
  • personal details and statistics statements
  • accurate ticket printing and the opportunity to personalise admission tickets with sponsors' logos even at the ticket issuing stage
To manage local box office transactions the Charta system can provide a second monitor which allows whoever goes to the event box office to visualise the available seats on the graphic plan of the venue

This solution is available for all events with numbered seat admission, such as performances in theatres, cinemas, arenas, sports halls and stadiums. The quality of the product is confirmed by the fact that today the Charta electronic box office system is used by 12 of the 13 Italian Lyric Foundations, among which are the Teatro alla Scala, in Milan, La Fenice in Venice, the Teatro dell'Opera in Rome, and more than 150 prestigious theatres throughout Italy from the Piccolo Teatro in Milan to the Teatro Biondo in Palermo, from the Teatro Verdi in Trieste to the Teatro Mercadante in Naples, Forumnet, Paladozza Bologna. This solution meets the needs of ticket issue management for museums, exhibition organisers or other events with unnumbered admissions such as concerts or fairs.
The internet distribution channel is automatically activated. In some instances, particularly to ensure the smooth running of group or school bookings, the use of a specialised call center service is provided for.
Charta is currently responsible for managing the box offices of important Italian museum institutes such as Mart di Rovereto & Trento, Villa D'Este in Tivoli, the Musei Civici di Vicenza and some municipal museums in Rome, the Teatro alla Scala Museum, Teatro La Fenice guided tours. In the exhibition sector Charta first gained experience in 2002 with the “Parmigianino” exhibition in Parma. It has successfully managed the box office system, ticket distribution and guided tours of more than 40 exhibitions in Italy such as “Dalý” at Palazzo Grassi in Venice, “Canova” at Bassano del Grappa and “Botticelli” at Palazzo Strozzi, Florence.

In particular regarding exhibitions, Charta offers the local system already set up and automatically activates the advance sales channels according to the organisers' requirements. The sales and advance sale system allows the management of:
  • admissions of individuals and/or groups/schools at time periods
  • minimum and maximum admissions at arranged time periods
  • guided tours
  • showing of expiry times at the booking stage
Besides internet the organiser has various choices of advance sale channels:
  • groups office/ Charta schools and/or at the organiser's discretion
  • Charta call centers and/or at the organiser's discretion
  • Charta sales points and/or chosen by the organiser (in particular specific bank channels can be activated, an interesting prospect for example if there is sponsorship
Charta has developed an “entrance control” system combined with the electronic box office system. Tickets issued at local box offices are assigned a code, tax number and place, year, date and possibly time period details and ticket validity. The Charta system can control, using an access scanner, the ticket expiry date and validity for a particular event by scanning the code on subsequent admissions.

This function makes Internet ticket sales particularly effective, as the payment receipt issued at the online purchase stage shows the identifying barcode for event admission and can be scanned directly by a scanner with no need to transfer the receipt to a ticket. The Vivaticket network is formed by numerous sales points widely distributed all over Italy. The sales points may be professional ticket retailers, travel agencies, cafÚs, CD stores, bookshops, news-stands, Info points of high visibility and, more generally, every commercial activity involving large numbers of people accessing it.
Thanks to the Vivaticket network you can purchase tickets in advance for sport events of:
  • soccer
  • basketball
  • Wdw Ducati
  • volleyball
The Best Union Group aims to increase the number of sales points in order to offer a uniform distribution to promoters as well as to customers.
In accordance with the requirements, Charta offers the setting up of a professional call center or activates, depending on the Organiser's preferences, guided tours administrator and/or groups/schools office or the pre-chosen call centers.

The Vivaticket call center provides the management of incoming calls to number 892.234. From abroad please dial +39.041.2719035
The service functions from Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm and Saturday from 9am to 2pm.
The cost of a call from landline is to 1,0329 euros per minute. The maximum lenght of the call is 12 minutes and 30 seconds. The maximum cost of the service for mobile phones is 1 euro and 55 cents per minute and a connection charge of 12,91 euros. The service is reserved to people of 18 years or more. All the cost highlighted are expressed after VAT.

In exceptional instances Charta can activate a special number (eg. permanent venues, large events).
Charta offers its client organisers a telephone assistance, advice and maintenance service for the hardware and software components supplied. The assistance is given by qualified operators with many years of experience, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The service includes periodic monitoring or, at the client's request, the adjustment of the operating system and application programmes as well as the updating of software according to the Italian Authors and Publishers Association laws in force. Assistance visits on site, if required, are also provided for within 24 working hours of calling.
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